What Are Backlinks? And How To Get Backlinks Easily

Effective SEO is, without a doubt, incomplete without a backlinks building strategy.


In fact, Google’s Development Manager, Andrey Lipattsev, revealed a few years back that the premier search engine values links, content, and RankBrain highest out of its 200+ search ranking factors.  


Backlinks or inbound links are the links a web page receives from others.  

Outbound links are the links a web page sends to others. 

You see those blue and underline words/phrases above? Those are our outbound links that serve as inbound links for the linked pages. In other words, those pages have built backlinks

what are Backlinks

Simple enough, eh?


While the concept of backlinks is easy to understand, getting quality inbound links proves difficult to many.


In reality, you don’t need to use expensive, comprehensive SEO services or enroll in an SEO certification program. You’re really just paying for things you can easily do yourself.

So if you’re willing and able to build backlinks on your own, then good for you! We’re here to help.

Read on to learn how you can build high-quality backlinks for your web pages.

Why are backlinks valuable? 

Given that we’ve already told you Google values links highly, let’s move on and take a look at why this is the case. 

Inbound links are two thumbs up 

Basically, backlinks are ‘upvotes’ from site owners (a.k.a. real people). I.e. internet lingo for “I find your content useful and relevant to the point that I’m going to send my audience your way.” 


Backlinks are huge votes of confidence. To this end, when you haven’t built a reputation, they are obviously difficult to build. Earning another person’s trust definitely isn’t easy.


To put it another way, search engines are people pleasers. 


If they aren’t delivering search results that match peoples’ queries, then users will leave.

While complex algorithms and cutting edge technology are great, what could be more valuable for search engines than votes of confidence from real people? 


In short, it’s a win-win. The search engine pleases its users with useful and relevant content, and your page receives more traffic and achieves a high placement in search.


More backlinks usually equals a high search ranking.  

Inbound links are referrals

Beyond the search engine algorithm, backlinks are valuable because they will increase your traffic via referrals. Whether your linkable content’s a recipe, infographic, or article, every backlink presents an opportunity for someone else’s viewer to become yours.


Just think how powerful a referral can be when it comes from a source with a massive online following. One link from a major news network, for example, will significantly boost your traffic and search ranking. 


Speaking of the power one backlink can have, let’s segue into an important discussion of what makes a quality inbound link.

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What makes a quality backlink?  

Backlinks are not created equal, in reality. 


Quality backlinks will have a much greater effect on your search ranking and traffic than standard inbound links. Furthermore, search engines will penalize your web pages for having bad bad links.

So, let’s take a look at some factors that determine the quality of your links.   


The New York Times vs. your school’s news publication. 


Which one would you consider an authority? On one hand, a respected, reliable news source for the global consumer? Or on the other hand, your school paper–still probably run by smart people?    


Ah, the classic debate.   


A prestigious organization such as the New York Times undoubtedly hires the best of the best, the experts of the experts. Therefore, search engine algorithms give a lot of weight or value to backlinks from highly respected sources. They will boost your page up the search rankings because you have received a vote of confidence from a top authority in your niche. 


Just one backlink from the New York Times could be worth thousands of backlinks from your school’s online news publication.      


So, let’s say you are an avid home chef, and you’ve posted your Grandma’s spaghetti bolognese recipe.


In this hypothetical situation, you manage to get a backlink. Great! 


At closer inspection, though, the page linking to your recipe is a listicle about the top-10 foods to feed your pet cat. Or even odder, a review of a TV. You may be scratching your head, but trust us, it happens. 

Irrelevant Backlink

In reality, what you’re really hoping for is someone to include your recipe in their article on ‘Italian meals to make at home.’ 

Releveat Backlink

Search engine algorithms won’t give the backlink any value if the linking page has nothing to do with yours. 

Target keyword in anchor text

A subject that has much overlap with on-page SEO, having the target keyword in the anchor text is known to add value to the backlink, to be sure.


So, let’s revisit the spaghetti recipe example.


Following SEO best practices, you researched a target keyword phrase (e.g. ‘Grandma’s Spaghetti Bolognese’) to use throughout your content. That someone who writes the article about ‘Italian meals to make at home’ puts the link to your recipe on the phrase “Her Grandma’s Spaghetti Bolognese etc. etc.”


Your target keyword phrase is in the anchor text. This boosts the value of the backlink. 


Above all, beware of link building services! Many create bad backlinks by linking irrelevant pages with little to no content to yours. This will lower your search rankings and traffic.


We, on the other hand, partner with our network of actual site owners to provide your pages with quality backlinks. With us, there’s no concern about penalties or faulty links. 


How to get backlinks? 

Now for the million-dollar question: how do I get backlinks? 


At this point, you’ve probably realized by now. You can’t really make them yourself. It all seems dependent on people happening upon your content and liking it. 


When we talked about extra work, this is the additional effort you need to make to get your content seen. As we have said, creating SEO content is one thing, building quality backlinks is another.


Here are some proven methods that will start you on your long link building journey:  

Guest blogging / Offering quality content

Have a favorite blog? Or a website you think fits your interests and/or expertise. Reach out to the site owner and see if they’re open to you writing a post for their website. They get free quality content, and you can link one of your pages in your byline.


This doesn’t have to be limited to writing blog posts. If you find an article that could really do with an infographic, then you can build a backlink by offering your graphic design services. Not only does your work get extra exposure, but you also build personal connections with other site owners who may want to continue collaborating with you in the future.  

Comment section

In a similar fashion, perhaps you find a thought-provoking article that you’d like to respond to. Consider writing your piece and linking it in the comment section. Make sure, however, your response truly requires its own page. If it’s too short or minor, then you should just voice your thoughts in the comment sections.  


Also, please don’t spam your links. 


Search engines may penalize you for this behavior. 


Other people reading the original article probably have enough of an interest in the topic to reach the comment section. By respectfully adding a link to your response, you provide ‘further reading’ that many may welcome. 

Replacing Links

You can use a backlink checker to discover opportunities for you to pursue. Before you create your content, check out whether there are sites with broken links to pages like the one you intend to make. This is a chance for you to swoop in and ‘steal’ a quality backlink from your competition. 


You can also vet your competitors’ content, checking to see if you can improve it in any substantive way. After you’ve created a better version of your own, you need to reach out to those site owners who have given a backlink to your competitors’ pages. In particular, explain why your content offers more to their audience, and you might just gain a backlink while removing one of your competitors’ 

Don’t expect a quick and easy solution

As we mentioned in the introduction, building backlinks on your own is going to take time and effort. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about getting your content seen, then you’re going to have to make the extra effort to do your research and reach out to other site owners.


Quality content ≠ High Search Rank

Quality content + Quality backlinks = High Search Rank 

For those of you who are juggling school/work, relationships, content creation, and much more,  

GuestPosts.ai is here to help

We developed artificial intelligence to take the burden of link building off of your shoulders.  Our automated, 24/7 search finds the exact keyword phrases and pages that will bring you the most organic traffic.


Plus, we can keep our prices down because, obviously, AI’s don’t get paid salaries.

Bad BacklinksQuality Backlinks
Pages with a list of links and no contentGuest Posts with the exact keyword phrase and rich content
From irrelevant and unreliable sourcesFrom relevant and reliable domain authorities 
Potential ranking penalties for violating Google’s Webmaster GuidelinesNo risk of penalties

Moreover, our backlinks are reliable and trustworthy because we tap into our growing community of site owners. Unlike our competition, we do not dump a bunch of links in an aggregator site just to satisfy a quota.


Investing in our service will bring your pages quality backlinks for effective, long-term growth. We provide regular maintenance, so our backlinks consistently deliver organic traffic for years to come.