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No longer do advertisers hold the reins of mass-marketing influence. In today’s data-driven economy, those with the highest follower counts have unleashed an entirely new method for driving fans to products through corporate partnerships partnered with brand recognition. With the right combination of fame and online creativity, influencers can turn an unknown entity into a must-have that flies off the shelves.

As the world moves toward the digital marketplace, individuals who have created an online brand presence for themselves have discovered a new economic formula: presence plus opinion equals profit.

So, companies have begun to take notice of the change in the landscape. For marketers, coming up with an influencer definition can be tricky, and learning how to spot one for potential partnership is increasingly rewarding. Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retail companies, has begun to partner with influencers across the social media spectrum, offering lucrative deals to those who will share and promote products to their fanbase. The result? Online personalities building multi-million dollar enterprises on the backs of filtered photos.


Let’s take a closer look at how large-scale retailers like Amazon are utilizing influential online celebrities to capture the attention of customers online in ways that might surprise you:

The Influencer’s Influence – The Unseen Career Behind The Curtain

Those who make a living selling their own personal brand have everything to gain from partnering with a large company. In fact, for many online celebrity-hopefuls, making a connection with a business is part of its long-term viability strategy. As they build their online enterprise, the need to find a cofounder in their development is vital for brand growth and revenue.


While some may consider partnering with a large company a way of “selling out”, it’s no surprise that influencers jump at the opportunity to advertise for large-scale companies. With the promise of ongoing sponsorship dollars for consistent posts, brands built around individuals can start to quickly garner credibility as their followers see they are considered famous enough to sell on behalf of a company.


Some companies have even begun to incentivize online influencers to join their ranks, with businesses creating avenues for influencers to start their careers as one of their own brand ambassadors. Why put in the long hours of work, hoping to be seen by a company’s online presence, when you can simply start out as an Amazon influencer?


Working For The Man While “Working For Yourself”

Perhaps this partnership is the secret sauce behind some influencer’s quick rise to fame. It may surprise some followers to learn that their favorite celebrity is no different than the man or woman who packages their paper towels into a shipping box in some unknown warehouse – both are making money from lucrative Amazon careers that offer more than meets the eye.


Smart companies are able to notice when trends change in marketing. While a business such as Gucci or Coca-Cola would often hold a talent search or contact advertising agencies to find models that fit an upcoming sales campaign, today those same organizations are turning to pre-packaged fame to find an easy way to reach consumers. Who would have ever imagined that a famous online personality’s bikini post on the beach is part of a larger method of drawing on an Amazon salary that offers three-figure benefits?

Have The Influencers Become The New Dream Job?

With these kinds of growth opportunities available, it’s no wonder that becoming the next great online influencer has become one of the best career options for so many people today.


It’s not just high-school students with pipe-dreams. Stay-at-home-moms and beachy couples have taken to the internet in search of their own piece of the online marketplace pie. With so much money to be made through advertising partnerships, individuals are quickly learning that a tidy profit can be found in even the most obscure niche of the online space. Sell environmentally-friendly, hand-crafted beds for pet squirrels? Even the most climate-sensitive online retailer could use a financial boost from behind-the-scenes Amazon jobs!


As more and more individuals try to make it in the influencer realm, this will only add to the available talent that is ready and waiting for a brave company to come alongside and utilize their

Looking To Cash In On The Influencer Market? You Need An Expert

In order to help your company capitalize on the newest trend in viral marketing, you need an expert on our team that can help you locate the best influencers on the scene and spend your valuable marketing dollars wisely. A team member such as a startup CTO can bring valuable experience and expertise to your search for the best digital liaisons. With any luck, you can begin to build relationships with online influencers and gain traction with their loyal fanbase to reach potential customers.


Take a note out of Amazon’s notebook. Find ways to connect your business with hungry influencers through exclusive partnerships that are tailored specifically to the way influencers do business online. Once you build relationships with the right influencers, there is no end to the creative ways you can work together to reach an entirely untapped market share.

The Ever-Changing, Influential Face Of Marketing

Anyone who has worked in marketing for some time knows that the most successful companies and organizations are the ones who can adapt and change with times. As analog is replaced with digital, so goes the print advertisement to the Instagram post.


Those businesses who work alongside these brand influencers will be the ones who will not only survive but thrive in the growing online marketplace. As companies such as Amazon have shown, having the ability to adapt to and capitalize on the ability to hire influencers can have an incredible effect on your ability to sell in the new digital market.