How to Select the Best SEO Services to Boost your Search Rankings

Not everyone can have an in-house marketing team to effectively drive organic traffic to their web pages. This doesn’t mean you have to start dedicating hours to learning online marketing. Digital marketing companies often offer their SEO services to site owners. After performing an audit of all your website’s content, they devise and implement an individualized SEO campaign to (hopefully) increase and sustain your web pages’ organic traffic.


It can be time-consuming, though, to sift through the flashy websites, endless jargon, and different service plans to find the SEO agency that best aligns with the vision you have for your website. Some SEO companies offer comprehensive but pricey services; others specialize in optimizing a specific part of SEO. 

Haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization? Check out our five-minute article on the starter guide on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Let’s look at what you need to look for in SEO companies, and a few of the best options out there that will get your website where you want it to be.

What to expect from SEO Services

We aren’t talking about an exact science here. SEO advances concurrently with technology. That means it’s ever-changing. Nevertheless, there are two major SEO practices that have stood the test of time: keyword optimization and link building. 


This is to say, SEO does have proven methods, but you shouldn’t accept or expect a one-size-fits-all approach. Your goals and, realistically speaking, the budget will dictate how comprehensive your SEO campaign can be. 


Don’t assume you need a comprehensive SEO campaign, especially if you’ve spent the time learning and implementing some SEO best practices on your own.


The extra services you pay a premium for may not drastically supplement your returns. Going with the essentials might be all you need, even if you have the budget to afford the comprehensive packages.  

What do you really need?

Let’s say you’ve practiced photography as a hobby. You’re looking to make some extra income as a freelance wedding photographer, so you create a website. 


  1. By the nature of your services, it’s clearly limited to only people in your area. 
  2. You aren’t looking to scale or transition to being a full-time photographer.
  3. Your goal is to have a steady stream of clients on weekends.

So, what do you really need? 


Your web page ranking #1 in local searches for ‘wedding photographer.’ 


You shouldn’t be paying for comprehensive online marketing services ever, let alone for a couple of months. An SEO Agency should really be focusing on the basics to get you to a place where you won’t even need to pay for any marketing whatsoever because of your great reputation. 


This, of course, is a simple case, but you need to make sure you’re getting the exact SEO services you need, for a reasonable price.  

‘SEO packages’

If you google ‘SEO services,’ you’ll find most digital marketing companies offer at least three different SEO packages/plans. Most of them focus on servicing businesses, rather than individuals.


Instead of committing to a long contract, you often renew your SEO services on a monthly basis, or you can sometimes pay for a year upfront at a discounted rate.


Some agencies require you to pay an initial fee + monthly fees, some only show their discounted annual rate. 


Always read the fine print. 

For the many of you who are unfamiliar with SEO, the sheer volume of SEO agencies can be overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re surfing through their web pages and see all the bright colors, buzz words, and marketing mumbo jumbo.


Let’s give you a simple explanation of what the SEO process involves.  

Standard SEO Process

A premium SEO package will often guarantee you more keywords optimized, more backlinks, technical SEO, and more. What we’ve compiled is just the standard SEO process you’ll see most agencies following.  

  • Develop a strategy after learning your goals

An agency representative meets with you to learn what you want to achieve with your website and business.

  • Site audit

Your assigned account manager goes through all of your pages to assess your site’s health, verify the quantity and quality of your inbound and outbound links with free backlink checkers, see where your keywords rank, and so on.  

  • Analyze competition

The agency’s SEO team analyzes your competition to learn what marketing strategies work well in your industry, as well as hone in on your business’ unique value proposition. 

  • Keyword research and assignment

The team researches keywords and assigns them to the relevant web pages, hopefully bringing you the best return-on-investment. 

  • Adjust/add on-page SEO

They make sure your pages are optimized for SEO. This means they’ll put your keywords in your posts, titles, headings, URLs, meta-descriptions, etc. to make your content easily discoverable and understood by search engine algorithms. 

  • Monitor rankings and traffic

After they’ve done some work, they track the performance of your keywords, recording, and analyzing increases (hopefully) in traffics, leads, and sales.

  • Tweak approach

If you can’t get any more returns from a keyword or one underperforms, the agency targets new keywords. 

  • Develop content

They develop supplementary SEO content for your website. It’s often hard to be found if you don’t have enough volume to appear in search.

  • Build backlinks

Search engines view backlinks as upvotes from your fellow site owners. Persuading an actual person to link to your pages, through your quality content and/or cold calls, involves extra work and time.


What many SEO services won’t tell you is that they build your links through aggregator sites. Search Engines detect these backlinks and discredit any website connected to them. Always be wary of how the SEO agency goes about building backlinks.  

  • Repeat 4-9

  • Reach your goals 


From anyone, especially from those who are working for you, you should expect transparency. Again, that’s not easy to get a sense of when you’re looking through marketing pages jam-packed with buzzwords and vibrant colors. Regardless of the industry, you’re going to find some degree of opacity in any business’ marketing site.   


Nevertheless, a good early indication that an SEO company will be transparent is if they reveal their pricings and services for each package. Not to the point where you get lost in all the technical lingo, but enough so you actually have a concrete idea of what value you will receive from each offering. 

Case studies & testimonials 

What better way to verify any service is trustworthy and effective than case studies and testimonials. Case studies, especially, should provide you with the numbers without the marketing mumbo jumbo. 


Granted, you won’t be clued into the exact figures, so don’t think the percentages are always as impressive as they seem (it isn’t hard to double your daily visitors from 10 to 20, for example).  


At the very least, you can read the feedback of an actual person who has used the service. That’s definitely worth something.     

Again, what do you really need? 


You’ll probably be surprised to hear this, but much of SEO can be effectively practiced by most. 


Yes, that includes you. 


If you spend an hour looking into researching keywords and improving your on-page SEO, you’ll realize how doable it actually is.  


SEO isn’t an exact science. But one thing’s for sure: it’s not rocket science.  


So if most people can perform effective SEO on their own, why even hire an expensive service? 


For one, lack of time. Two, you don’t need an in-house marketing team or you’re a single-person operation.


Lastly and most importantly,



SEO content ≠ High Search Rank

SEO content + Quality backlinks = High Search Rank 

SEO Agencies offering the best Services logo

Sure, we’re going to put ourselves in the list. Maybe it’s slightly shameless, but we’ve got a great SEO service that you could really benefit from. We don’t develop massive SEO campaigns nor do we offer comprehensive SEO services. We specialize in the two key parts of SEO: keyword optimization and link building. 


  • Keywords are what your pages rank for. We’ve developed artificial intelligence that automatically operates 24/7 to find the exact keyword phrases and web pages that will deliver the best ROI.
  • Search engines are people pleasers. It will usually rank pages with the most backlinks highest because they’ve likely delivered quality content.

We have a growing community of site owners who host Guest Posts with rich content and links to your web pages that will bring you the best returns.


Who knows? Maybe your business doesn’t need an expensive SEO campaign. Maybe you can make the time to learn and implement SEO best practices yourself. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars per month when you could drastically increase your organic traffic with us.  


webfx-leading providers of SEO services

WebFx a leading SEO agency, and they aren’t going to come cheap. They focus on creating comprehensive SEOs campaigns, targeted towards mid-to-large corporations. 


There’s no refuting their expertise. They’ve amassed hundreds of testimonials and case studies that are public on their website. They were even able to get business owners to recommend their services on video. That’s hard evidence. 


Oddly enough, WebFX comes across as excessively transparent somehow. They reveal every part of each of their packages. Nevertheless, to the many people who come across their site and don’t have much knowledge about SEO, all that information can be quite overwhelming. It’s as if they’re selling you a bunch of services, except you don’t even know what the value of each one truly is. 


Overall, though, if your business has that kind of budget, you probably can’t go wrong with WebFx for a complete SEO campaign.   


Mainstreethost digital marketing agency provides standard seo services

Mainstreethost, with over 20 years of marketing experience, is a great SEO company that offers options for businesses of all sizes (even local SEO services).


The process outlined on their website appears like most standard SEO services, but with their extensive experience, they just might do the essentials extremely well. They provide helpful articles educating the uninformed visitor about the basics of SEO. However, they do not give any information as to the particulars of each package.


A possible concern could be that they only display a few short testimonials (one per SEO page, three in total). Being in the space for so long, they should have amassed a considerable number of case studies and testimonials. offers 3 seo packages with proven results has much to boast about. They have run SEO campaigns for tech giant Dell and even Mrs. Fields., without a doubt, has worked with bigger corporations than the other two.


This SEO Company offers three SEO packages: local, national, and enterprise. They tailor your campaign to your company’s reach, but they’re definitely for more established businesses. has around three case studies/success stories for each package. There’s little doubt they’ve selected the instances where their services delivered the most impressive returns. Unfortunately, they do not go into the particulars about what you get with each package. 

Choose the best SEO Services that truly fits your Goals

Rather than committing to any of the services, including ours, it’s always best to do your research before you agree to anything. We hope we’ve provided you with some helpful tips for you to start figuring out what would be the best fit for your business. 


Even so, you may find starting small first could work better than you expected. Consider reading blogs or watching videos to learn a bit more about SEO. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to experiment with it yourself and seek out professional help in particular parts. 


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Perform Your own free SEO Audit

NOTEYou might have noticed that we didn’t mention anything about backlinks for the SEO services other than ours. That’s because they don’t highlight the importance of link building. We believe, more than anything else, having quality backlinks are as important as creating SEO pages.  

As we stated before, practicing SEO is not that difficult. Building backlinks is the hard part. is here to help

From our experiences, we know that link building can be a particularly time-consuming and difficult process. That’s why we decided to develop our own AI to take that burden off of you.  Our automated, 24/7 search finds the exact keyword phrases that will bring you the most organic traffic. Plus, it completely takes any extra work off of your plate. 


We can keep our prices down because, obviously, AI’s don’t get paid salaries.


Here’s what many link building services won’t tell you: Backlinks are not created equal.

Bad BacklinksQuality Backlinks
Pages with a list of links and no contentGuest Posts with the exact keyword phrase and rich content
From irrelevant and unreliable sourcesFrom relevant and reliable domain authorities 
Potential ranking penalties for violating Google’s Webmaster GuidelinesNo risk of penalties

Investing in our service will bring your pages quality backlinks for reliable and effective growth. We provide regular maintenance, so our backlinks consistently deliver organic traffic long-term.