Effective SEO practices should increase the quality and quantity of the organic (a.k.a. free) traffic to your web pages. With the right SEO groundwork in place, your web pages will bring in consistent viewership due to their high placements on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

If you’ve been having trouble getting your quality content seen, there’s a good chance your pages aren’t receiving backlinks.

Here’s the thing: quality content just isn’t enough to rise up the search ranks.

Yoast is a WordPress plugin designed to help you with your on-page SEO. It analyzes your pages, giving you suggestions on how to edit your content to rank higher in search.

Not everyone can have an in-house marketing team to effectively drive organic traffic to their web pages. This doesn’t mean you have to start dedicating hours to learning online marketing.

Effective SEO is incomplete without backlinks building strategy. Google’s Development Manager, Andrey Lipattsev, revealed a few years back that the premier search engine values links, content, and RankBrain highest out of its 200+ search ranking factors.

When you google “SEO Tools,” you’ll find a long list of articles and ‘ultimate guides’ on the top x Search Engine Optimization tools. We don’t doubt the many content creators out there have compiled many helpful recommendations.


SEO best practices, in truth, can be learned in a matter of hours. That’s why, if you have the time, you shouldn’t pay for costly SEO services. Of course, mastery takes real-world reps and experience.

But if SEO’s pretty easy to learn and a wealth of free online resources are available, why go through an SEO certification program? What is SEO certification worth?

Just like you’re supposed to get a general medical checkup once in a while, your website needs to have its routine checkups. These regular examinations of your website’s performance are called SEO audits.


Who knows what might be plaguing your website behind that glossy design?